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Far too often, we repress our feelings, in order to save ourselves the hurt involved in losing a love.  The problem is, such regression can blind you to what is in fact staring you in the face.  How can you survive, if you don’t fall, how can you live, if you won’t risk, how do you love, if you refuse to feel.  Many times, as humans and more importantly, as men, we hide our true feelings which can create a domino effect entirely opposite from our planned agenda.  We want to appear tough, larger than life, and always in control. Let me ask a question though, how did man discover he could sky-dive and survive…… Someone had to fall and pray the parachute worked.  It all boils down to one scientific yet practical theory: trial and error.  The error is part of life…the error is what helps us succeed…the error is a NECESSITY.  We spend too much of our lives protecting our feelings and not enough time expressing them.. If you love her, you need to tell her, show her, feel her, adore her, admire her, and trust her.  In other words…….. JUMP


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