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Small Towns


Although corporate America is taking small towns by storm with their SuperWalmarts, Targets, Walgreens and so on,  there are a few locally owned businesses in some rural areas refusing to lay down without a fight.  I, personally, live in Killeen and other than the obvious; Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Home Depot, Staples, most thriving businesses are owned by people who have lived here for years and are simply trying to “make a buck.” The problem however, goes back to a 1980’s tv show jingle, Cheers. “Everybody knows your name.” Well……not only does everybody know your name but everybody knows your business.  Small towns are notorious for third-party conversations, talking behind people’s backs and generally excellent at spreading rumors.  It sort of reminds me of that game we played as children, “telephone.”  Robert slept with Christina’s best friend Rachel, while Christina and Robert were dating turns into…..Robert got Rachel pregnant, gave her herpes, ran off with the kids, babies weren’t his to begin with and now Joey is sleeping with Christina who has herpes from Robert, then passed it to Terry who beat her up, she called the cops and now is spending 18 months in jail for meth possession.  What the Fuck?????  It seems to be almost safer not to speak a single word to anyone, lock yourself in your house and rent DirectTV movies until you’ve seen them all, buy a bottle of wine; slam it and pass out in a pool of your own vomit.  The one thing I’ve noticed about small towns, i.e. Killeen, is nobody really seems to give a shit about anyone.  Friends????? They can be counted on one hand. And when I mean friends, I mean true friends.. Ones that have never spoken an ill word behind your back, not fucked your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife, been there when you had a flat and were stranded on the side of the road, or even $20 to turn your water back on.  I remember my wife posting a comment recently on Facebook saying she was sad and hurt.  This post had nothing to do with us but it wasnt 20 minutes before a guy I considered a “supposed friend” for years was calling her phone, not mine, asking what was wrong with the two of us.  Now either I’m a complete paranoid schizophrenic, or he was hoping there was some kind of opening where he could sliver his way in and at the very least, spend one night with my wife.  Everybody in this town knows she’s my wife and everybody in this town drools over her just the same.  She is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous women on the planet and I don’t fault him for trying but I do fault him for hugging me the next time he saw me.  I remember my cousin and I joking about my wife, well before we were married, or even when her and I weren’t together.  He said, “Bro, I LOVE you, but I would LOVE to fuck her even more.”  I didn’t like it but respected his honesty.  For those of you who have lived the Killeen scene long enough, you know exactly what I’m talking about and you also know why we can’t get anyone from the outside, celebrity or musicians, if you will, to come here.  Nobody will help their “friends” promote, unless they personally benefit; not to mention, the word is out. Killeen is not worth a fuck.  My wife and I, mutually, have decided to alienate ourselves from the fake club managers and dj’s and bartenders and door girls and strippers and bartenders and bouncers and friends of owners and managers, girlfriends of owners and managers, boyfriends of strippers, husbands of strippers, girlfriends of strippers, male strippers, Hooters altogether and so on and so forth. Hell, my best friend might as well be the Orkin man who kills my bugs every other month.  Killeen could fall off the Earth tomorrow and I can guarantee very few would be “sincerely” missed.  It’s nothing more than a melting pot for lowlife trash who have absolutely nothing going for themselves but can’t leave, for whatever the reason may be. Do you know the ones who have made it from here???? The ones who have branched out, reached out, traveled, and went and got their reputation and following; because if you try to start a business, develop a following, or even “fit in,” and Killeen is your “Target Area,” I have a better idea.  Come to my house with all your investment money. We will call the fire department, request a controlled burn, and put it all in my dumpster and sing “Kum-Ba-Yah. Oh please let me apologize, just in case I spelled that wrong……don’t need to give anyone a reason to hate on me…….LOL



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