“Where Did You Go?” The Story of Rob G

       “Where Did You Go?” The Force Pushing Rob G Forward
I recall the years I spent in hospitals, treatment after treatment; watching my daughter slip from my fingers.  The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming me and all I could do was pray that God wasn’t yet ready to take my angel from me.  When Rob and I talked about the loss of his wife, I imagined what I would have done if my own child had not won her battle against cancer.  It isn’t just losing someone you love, it’s the process of watching your loved one fight with every breath to stay with you.  Then, to witness them ultimately losing that fight, is accompanied by an emptiness that can consume even the strongest of us.
We spent a week on the road, show after show; club after club.  We drank and laughed as I watched an atmosphere form around us; until even those across the room could feel our energy.  I remember watching Rob as he greeted people, snapped pictures and offered a welcoming smile to all who approached him.  By the end of even the first day, I no longer saw him as a singer, celebrity, or even a public figure.  He was Rob, a man coping with the loss of his wife.  A man that felt the same helpless feeling I had but whose prayers weren’t answered.  More importantly, he was my friend and a man who wanted anybody around him to simply have a good time.
The struggles that we talked about were very similar to the story of many of my friends who have made it in the music industry; working a block, doing whatever it took to survive, legal or illegal.  The grind to be on top is a hell of a process that many cannot or will not be able to complete.  There are those among us however who refuse to quit no matter what obstacles are thrown in front of us.  “Reppin My Block,” is Rob’s grind story.  Through his music, he has told a story of hardship; his story.  As I listen to the radio, I hear my friend; singing his life into my speakers.  The pain he feels was not evident before, but now…I hear it in his voice, his lyrics.
Friday night, we went to a popular Houston club and sat in VIP with Pitbull and David Rush.  As we worked our way towards VIP, the bouncers got bigger and the crowd grew more hostile.  Everybody was gathered around to see the stars, snap pictures and hopefully, receive a handshake.  I got lost in the crowd and gave up trying to fight my way into the corner where the others had posted up.  Two giants stood in front of me, guarding the area where the others were partying.  Then, I see Rob peer around the security guards searching for me.  As I climbed around, I felt a great welcoming feeling which only grew as he introduced me to everyone as his homeboy.  Once I was stationary, he left to work the room.  I watched him laugh and smile and snap pictures with anyone who asked him.  No matter who they were, he offered them the same attentive smile, many times thanking them for their support.  He is a man’s man who remembers exactly where he came from and enjoys every second of where he is going.
As Rob and I sat and talked about the future, he shared his passion for the music industry and his goal to become an international artist.  I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of new material he has worked on.  As I listened to the tracks, I noticed a diversity not yet discovered.  Each song attacked a different market and I imagined the many radio stations that could easily feature these hits.  His goal to acquire the business sense needed to become an icon is undeterred and, through it all, I only see one regret.  That is that his wife will not be by his side as all of his prayers are answered.  My advice for my friend is simple:  never give up on your dreams and keep pushing.  Even though your wife is not here physically, I doubt she isn’t watching you with a smile on her face and an unrelenting feeling of pride in what you have become.


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  1. The detail is incredible in this. You truly touched hearts and expressed what kind of man this Artist truly is with this Rob G story. My heart goes out to him and his family. His Loving wife will be by his side looking over him forever. What a great contribute to his loss. What a great friend and writer to express personal relations to having the feeling of losing someone. You have shown so much gratitude for Rob Gs talent and dreams, and such heartfelt feelings for his loss.

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